Testaa IBM PowerAI:ta

Test IBM PowerAI at Pedab’s POC center

What value can an AI environment bring your solution?


Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a reality for companies of all sizes. If you are a software developing company or helping a client to implement a new solution you now have the opportunity to test what value an AI environment, based on state of the art technology, can bring to your solution.

Your test system is already set up at the Pedab POC center in the south of Sweden. A super-fast server, with accelerators from Nvidia, along with some of the most commonly used deep learning software frameworks.

In addition to the environment itself, we can make the Pedab Community available for you. This means that Pedab will create a community where you can get access to skills to help you succeed in your project. The Pedab Community helps you get as much out of the test as possible, but are also there for you going forward, after the test.

With a VPN Connection and a user ID, you do the test conveniently from your own office, or from wherever you like. The duration of the test period and other practical details are agreed before the test starts. A test period is usually between 2 and 4 weeks. There is no cost for the test for you.

Contact us for more details.