IBM Seismic

IBM:n uutta myynninedistämisportaali Seismiciä esitellään webinaarissa tämän viikon torstaina 21.11. klo 14 Suomen aikaa.
Tule mukaan ja ota Seismic haltuun viimeistään nyt!

Ilmoittaudu mukaan tästä.

Myös me pedabilaiset autamme kumppaneita Seismicin tehokkaassa käyttöönotossa enemmän kuin mielellämme. Ota meihin yhteyttä. 

”Dear partners,

You are invited to a webinar about the new sales enablement solution for IBM and partners, Seismic, in which you will have the opportunity to gain insight on:

-platform overview (what it is, advantages for using it)
-how to start enjoying its benefits
-Seismic success stories
-Q&A (live chat)

In this webinar, we would present you a Live Demo and all the platform functions. In order to check out the platform, you need to:

Login to Seismic@IBM *

login and discover all its possibilities. If you have questions after logging in, we will gladly tackle them during our call.
Please forward this invite to the webinar to your Sales colleagues as well!

*In order to use Seismic@IBM, you need an IBM ID and a PartnerWorld Membership. When you log in for the first time, it make take up to 5 mins for your information details to be authenticated. You will receive a confirmation via email, when this will happen.

Thank you for your consideration and let us meet online!”