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1 lokakuun, 2020

National Cyber Security Awareness Month was first started in the early 2000s in the United States by the National Cyber Security Division within Homeland Security, along with the Cyber Security Alliance. 

The goal then was to teach how to behave safely online using ’simple’ solutions such as antivirus programs. As Cyber Security Month has spread across borders, the focus has changed somewhat, to ”Our Shared Responsibility”.   

International campaign 
America’s Cyber Security Month has become a worldwide campaign which includes: European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) and National Cyber Security Awareness Week in Australia. ECSM’s goal is to raise awareness, change behavior and provide resources that tell how both the population and organizations can secure themselves online. They want to convey the importance of securing information and highlighting the simple solutions out there to protect data, whether personal, financial or professional. 

We at Pedab support the Cyber Security Awareness month! 
Security and cyber security are a big part of Pedab’s core areas and expertise. That is why we want to take part in Cyber Security Month to spread knowledge around Cyber Security. Every day throughout the month of October we will share tips and information about online safety. There will be both simple tips and tricks you can take to secure your sensitive information and more in-depth blog posts on topics such as cyber-attacks, hackers, costs and how to detect that you have been hacked. 

Click here for more information on what Pedab does around Cyber Security.